Live to your Living Room – April 7th 2022


We’re delighted to be playing a gig with Live to your Living Room – one of the best virtual gig platforms we’ve ever encountered!

We’ll be performing on the 7th of April – get your tickets here: https://livetoyourlivingroom.com/events/will-finn-rosie-calvert/

Live to your Living Room is specially curated programme of events designed to deliver the very best of the folk, roots, and acoustic music scene LIVE into your home.

Our unique online gigs bring artists and audiences together in real time; expect music, chat, applause, and a surprisingly intimate feel.

House concerts are a great way to hear some of your favourite artists in an small setting. There’s something special about sitting so close, and in a small venue. We only have room for 20 in our lounge, but we managed to fit in Will’s keyboard and Rosie’s pan as well! No one minds squeezing up, or sitting on a kitchen chair when there is good music and song to share. We decided to give each other house concerts as a birthday presents, so rather than charge people to come, we just invite friends and use it as an excuse to have a party. 
Will and Rosie gave us an excellent evening and were very welcome house guests.
– Jenny Everett

House concert